Breakfast Care Package – mindyKNOWS NAU

From: $70.00

Choose from a half dozen bagels (NY kettle boiled style from Fat Bagels) and a half pound of cream cheese OR one dozen donuts from Bosa Donuts

48 oz Stōk cold brew OR 52 oz orange juice

Plates, Knives, and Napkins for 6

Handwritten note from home

Breakfast Item, Beverage, Delivery
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From: $70.00

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  • A half dozen bagels (specify variety) and cream cheese (specify flavor) OR a dozen fresh donuts (specify variety)
  • orange juice OR cold brew coffee (specify unsweetened or sweetened)
  • Plates, knives, and napkins for 6
  • Handwritten note from home

Please specify bagel and cream cheese preferences or donut preferences in the notes. This package will be delivered to NAU campus or apartment at a time and specific location to be determined by customer and mindyKNOWS. Please allow 72 hours to coordinate delivery. Rush deliveries will incur an additional $35 fee.

All packages are subject to change based on availability.

Breakfast Item

bagels and cream cheese, donuts


cold brew, orange juice


normal, rush