Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve added some of the most commonly asked questions below.  Can’t find the answer or need help with something else?  Send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon.

Think of us as a combination concierge/old college friend/cousin you love. We are local moms who can be there when you can’t, providing assistance to your child and giving you peace of mind.

We know there are many reviews and crowdsourcing options online, but they can become overwhelming to navigate. We are local parents with current information and personal experience. We will listen to your needs and tailor our recommendations to you.

Yes. Delivery services, packages, recommendations, and referrals are available for our members. This ensures personal and high-quality service.

Join for one month! We hope you will stay with us for a while- but you can cancel anytime!

Absolutely! We will deliver to wherever is most convenient and we will even try to take a picture of your student to send to you!

Can’t find the answer?  Please visit our contact page and we’ll get back to you  as soon as possible.