"Mindy knows everything and everyone in St. Louis. She's the first person I reach out to for help!"
Debra, NY
"YAY!!!  Thank you so much!!  I love this!  I sent a gift box to him this week that is still stuck in FedEx, so I’m so happy that you were able to be there today!  Thank you for being there to spread birthday joy!  This service is wonderful and I can’t tell you how grateful I am! "
Cindy, CA
"You are the best local mom support, ever. :-)"
Kathy, MN
"Your services were so valuable to me last year, I will re-enroll and can't thank you enough for your help."
A.R., LA
"Thank you so much for your fantastic service on behalf of my family for delivering cupcakes and balloons on my son's birthday.  Sashrik was thrilled!  It means so much especially with your extra touch. Thanks again for making my son's 20th birthday super special!  This is his first birthday away from home."
"Mindy is amazingly thoughtful, professional, considerate and helpful. In addition to being a capable and creative problem solver, she is kind and warm."
Jennifer, NY
"Lauren loved her surprise. You made her day and our day."
Cynthia, TX
"When my oldest developed spring allergies in St Louis, Mindy knew exactly where to send her. She got the help she needed right away."
Marcia, LA
"Mindy is like a direct link to everything St Louis.  All of her advice has been spot on.  She truly loves to help."
Cara, CA
"Mindy is willing to go above and way beyond just to make sure she provides the service to you and your college student."
Stephanie, CA
"Thank you for everything always. I appreciate just knowing you are there.  I feel so lucky to have another mom in St. Louis."
Sarah, FL
"Our son called us to say how much he appreciated your help and support. It gives us tremendous comfort knowing you are there for him."
Sam, NJ
"Mindy showered my baby girl with birthday love in person when I couldn’t. I would not hesitate to use Mindy again.  She was so responsive and a joy to work with."
Mina, CA
"You have a great business - I’m sorry it took me a year to find you but I’m certainly glad I did now!!"
J.S., CT
"Thank you, thank you Mindy for making this all possible and so special!!!  Your caring touch made it so personal and we knew it would all be perfect."
S.G., CA
"Mindy is a great problem solver and has connections all over town.  I trust her implicitly."
Ami, CA
"Your creativity and thoughtfulness is boundless."
Teresa, NY
"There was no chance my son was going to be able to follow the instructions to put together his IKEA desk.  Thanks to Mindy, it was all set up before the first day of class. "
Robin, IL
"Your caring touch made it so personal and we knew it would all be perfect."
Suzy, CA
"This made my whole day! Thank you!! Keep me posted on what other services you provide, this was a home run:)"
Lisa, CA
"Thank you so much! It makes us so happy to see her smiley eyes!"
Stacey, OH
"Thank you so much for giving her a happy birthday for us!"
Marianne, CA
"Thanks so much for the pics!  and he IS so happy there!  all thanks to wonderful people like you.  Once again you are AWESOME!!"
Judy, MN
"Just wanted to tell you again how much he loved that. Was so funny he was like ‘ how did you find this woman’. I said - moms just know stuff ;)."
"It is my pleasure to spread the word. You were truly a blessing for my family"
"I am so thankful that you provide the service you do.  It's like I am at Wash U and able to do the things I would do if I were there! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"
Vince, MD
"Thanks Mindy!! They were thrilled with the treats and mug. Now I have to start thinking about the next holiday :-)"
Anne, CT
"Omgeeee Mindy! You have spoiled her!! We are so very thankful for you and what you do! I was in the hospitality business and you truly have to have a knack for creating that relationship and knowing the ropes. WashU students/parents are so blessed to have access to all that you do. ❤️"
Angela, TX
"Could I add one last thing to my order?  This request will be more appreciated than any of the others..... could you bring your dog for a few licks and pets? Aviva misses our dogs soooo much! ❤️"
Laura, FL
"I so appreciate what you offer for these kids. We live in Ann Arbor, MI - and I really think UM could use a business like yours."
Anne, MI
"Thank you. Didn’t know how much I needed that (picture)."
Nancy, FL
"You  💯 percent made MY day and BRYNN’s day!  I couldn’t be more grateful to you for bringing Brynn some “sweets and 💜”. The pictures were the icing on top for me!  Thank you Mindy for being part of an amazing network of Mamas who help others when they can’t be front and center. "
"I’m crying!!! Thank you so much for the picture. This has made my day!! I haven’t seen him since September.  Thank you again!!"
"Dear Miss Mindy – Thank you so much for throwing me a lifeline while I’m in solitary confinement.  I received the Whole Foods groceries this afternoon and already starting to feel better!! Thank you so much!"
"I think your business rocks and I have been so appreciative of how you’ve helped support our family. "
Becky, TN
"Thank you for making this possible!!! I feel like a crazy woman here crying with the pictures. Thank you again."
Caren, NJ
"Hello Mindy – Thank you so much to you and your team for taking time out your busy schedules for Sunday delivery. Feeling so grateful!"
"Mindy! Thank you so much for bringing Adam dinner. I so appreciate it and I know he does too. I’m so glad you offer this loving service. xoxo"
"Everything is perfect! Thank you for making this first birthday away from home so memorable! ❤️"
Darah, IL
"Ollie had the BEST DAY!! Thank you for making it so special. He was so blown away with the special treats - the cupcakes are amazing! Thank you Mindy - you are a miracle!"
Becky, TN
"OMgosh ur the GOAT as my son would say. A heartfelt thank you. "
"She just facetimed me and was all smiles. What a great pick-me-up with all of the things she likes. Thank you so much- I really appreciate the help."
Donna, OH
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