Looking for support while your kids are far away at school? We are local moms who are here to help!

Why Mindy

For better or for worse, things come up when your student is in school. If you are looking for local help, you've come to the right place. We have been in your shoes. We are not Mom or Dad, but we're the next best thing.



How does it work?

Whether it’s month-to-month support, help for the semester, year-round, or your entire undergraduate experience, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Select the plan that is right for you and your student.

Step 2

Call, text or email us morning or evening!  You're family!

Step 3

We get to work helping you with all the local support you may need.

Membership Options

We’re here for the month, the semester, the academic year or throughout your entire undergraduate experience.



Full School Year

All 4 Years

Our family grows by the semester!

From the moment you sign up, you’re treated like family.  And the good kind!  The ones you want staying with you when they come to town! And don’t just take our word for it.  Read what some of our families have had to say.

Our network is your network

From allergists to zipper repair on your coat, we’ve got you covered!

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