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What’s Up, Doc?

Monday’s Workout – 35 minutes elliptical, 35 minutes upright bike, 20 minutes weights

First thing Monday, I called my doctor’s office and was able to snag a same-day appointment with the sports medicine specialist at my local practice. He’s actually been listed as my primary care physician now for 4+ years, but because he specializes in sports medicine and this is my first sports-related appointment (knock on wood these are few and far between), it was my first time meeting him. I guess he’s kind of busy, what with being the San Jose Earthquakes’ team doctor and, as it turns out, was working in the medic tent at the Rock N Roll race I was supposed to run last Sunday. All credentials which helped make me feel confident in his diagnosis — Metatarsalgia — which you may recall was my initial diagnosis back when my foot first started hurting.

The good news is that Metatarsalgia heals faster than a stress fracture. The bad news is that I’m sidelined from running for at least another week and my body is ACHING TO RUN! At the gym today I even flirted with the idea by stepping on a treadmill, but then the dull ache in my foot reminded me to be patient. For now, ice, anti-inflamatories, biking, and the elliptical are in order. Next Wednesday I can try walking on the treadmill for up to 20 minutes at a time each day. The week after that I can try jogging, etc. My doctor thinks I’ll be back to running in 6 weeks, just in time for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Fingers crossed!

Ironically enough, two new running purchases arrived in the mail around the time I got injured: my Spibelt I ordered for the race, and this tee I ordered from Shutupandrun.net. LOVE the graphics, which is what initially sold me on the purchase. But now that I’ve worn it, I love the fit and the high-tech material. I wore it immediately to the gym upon receiving it; just hope it holds up well in the wash (need to look at the care instructions) since it looks like I’ll be wearing it quite a bit.

Kindly disregard the thunder thighs and double chin I’m developing in the photos. Oh and the glare off my grease monkey face. I blame my dinner last night on all of the above.

Just kidding! I mean, I really had a Double Double from In N Out for dinner last night (and eff, was it good!), but obviously one burger isn’t going to cause me to gain 4 pounds overnight. I started gaining weight (muscle) back when I packed on distance to my training runs and now that I’m not running, I’m just packing on weight (muscle and fat). I’m kind of fascinated with how my body is adjusting to less running and more biking. In the past few weeks, I’ve definitely noticed a change in the way my pants fit.

Speaking of, I picked up the workout capris pictured above from Target yesterday. They’re the C9 Target-Champion brand and wow, I’ve gotta say they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE leggings I own! The fit and the almost-silky yet durable high-tech material is awesome. And at $24.99, they’re a steal compared to the Lucy and Lululemon pairs I also wear! Lululemon will set you back $98 per.

Also, while I’m on a roll with my vanity, I’m really diggin’ that my Bic Band matches my new shirt!😀

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