{Big Sur Marathon, May 2011.}

To run is to live. Running nourishes our muscles and nurtures our minds. It induces clarity of thought, vitality of physiology, and tranquility of emotion. It demands complete unity of body and spirit, it requires your legs, your lungs, your heart, your mind, but rewards all those parts too. It’s in this harmonious holism that we come to understand our true identities, our authentic selves. The universe’s uncertainty is distilled into a singularity: We exist in and of the moment. In the midst of entropy, serene bliss. In the midst of confusion, clarity. Surrounded by constraints, we are freed…

It is perhaps this fact that separates runners from non-runners, and it’s why we are the subject of curious bemusement and occasional derision. In a world that celebrates leisure and luxury, runners seek austerity. In a world in search of simple answers, runners chase impossible questions. In a society that valorizes the easy way, runners take the path of most resistance.

But it goes deeper than that. We do it together. Running unites.

The falsest truism in all of sports is that running is an individual pursuit. Anyone who has ever run for a team recognizes the value of training partners. They push us when we’re hurting. They make us laugh when we want to scream. They turn our doubts into confidence, our dreams into realities. United by shared sacrifice, they become lasting friends.

But the same is true of our opponents. In running, there is no such thing as foes, only co-conspirators. It’s one of the few competitive endeavors where my success doesn’t mean your failure.

Sure, only one person can win — but it’s not a zero-sum game. The real rewards are diffuse and self-defined. Victory and defeat — these occur internally, in our ability to conquer our emotions and triumph over our own limitations. Work together, and we realize collective greatness. –Source.

Since the Fall of 1996 when I went out for my school’s cross country team, I’ve been one of those crazy super awesome people who likes to roll out of bed early on a Saturday to run “for fun.” 

My current PRs:

  • 1 Mile… 5:36
  • 5K… 19:19
  • 10K… 44

May 2012 – It wasn’t too long ago, tho, that I was in the middle of a 6-month forced hiatus from running. I was healing two stress fractures + a bout of tendinitis from being dumb about training for my first half marathon. (Not enough time off and running too far too quickly.) My foot hurt so much each time I tried to take a step or even stand with my weight distributed evenly, I was questioning whether I would ever run again… But now, with each run, I am feeling stronger and ever so grateful. Each time I hit the pavement, I  consciously remind myself to fully appreciate the immediate sensation of my legs, arms, and breath working in rhythm; how it feels to step and bound pain-free; to take in the way the sunlight bounces off the water and feels on my shoulders; and how my movement creates a breeze on my face to keep me cool. I liken the experience to wearing glasses for the first time, after wandering around without or in an old prescription for too long.

As evidenced in my blog, much of my socializing revolves around food and drinks. Back when I was running, I didn’t have to think really about what or how much I was consuming. Not running taught me to adopt healthier eating habits. I also found others ways to stay active on my own.
Links below lead to posts about running, racing, and recovery, including exercises you can do with a cam walking cast. Recipes can be found on the Home Cookin’ page. 

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