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Hog & Rocks SF

The scene: Hog & Rocks – a pig, oyster, and whiskey bar in SF’s Mission District.

The characters: Shaun, myself, Chrissy, Matt, and you may recognize a few others from Pliny and this dinner party!

Picture 8

At 4p we pretty much had the run of the place. Loved the look and feel and the fact that they focus on a few key ingredients — pig, oysters, and whiskey — and doing them really well.

Picture 10

Major props on the beautiful presentation of their drinks and dishes, creative cocktails, and I can honestly say that was one of the the best burgers and fish & chips I’ve had since – I can’t remember!

Hog & Rocks SF

{My old fashioned made with the house whiskey, burger, and fish & chips. All were outstanding and I’d go back just for these!}

Picture 11

{Ham from Italy, Spain, and Iowa. Fresh shucked oysters from Washington, B.C., and Tomales Bay, plus a couple of BBQ-ed ones.}

Picture 9

{I special ordered a bloody mary with bacon in it based on my love for the one I had a week earlier at Chop Bar in Oakland. Noticed a couple more got ordered at our table when mine came out.🙂 While it’s very pretty and was tasty-enough, I have to say it wasn’t nearly as good as the original!}

By 530p our group had worked our way through a good majority of the menu and were ready to move on. My take: I can see this being a really fabulous happy hour spot after the daily grind. Stop in for a beer and a couple of oysters (at a fraction of the regular cost) or a burger before heading home on BART. (The 16th & Mission stop is just 3 blocks north.) This is just not my place to marinate on a Saturday night. I can only eat so many (itty bitty!) $4 oysters (one in particular was obscenely skimping on meat. I wish I’d taken a photo!) and $14 burgers before the street tacos and pizza-by-the-slice we passed while making the trek from BART start to sound really good. Albeit, it’s not just the price tag. Several in our party will attest, oysters and ham – especially prosciutto – do not provide a solid foundation for a night of drinking. SO GLAD we got that burger and basket of fish & chips! Even if we split it 4 ways it helped me soldier on til I could hit the sack at 3a!

Picture 12{The tab Chrissy, Matt, Shaun, and I ran up in 1 hour.}

PS The Latin America Club is just a couple of blocks south if you’re looking for a fun dive bar in the Mission! It also happens to be on the way to Baretta Pizzeria where we had 8:15p dinner reservations.

Picture 6

Here’s our route mapped out. It was approximately 1 mile from start to finish.

Hog & Rock Walking Map

{Image c/o Google Maps}

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