US Open

What a fantastic way to spend a Wednesday! THE biggest golf event of the year, the US Open, is in San Francisco this week at the Olympic Club and Shaun and I got to attend the practice rounds. Bonus? It was all part of work. We were the lucky recipients of a couple of VIP passes our company received for doing business with another company who sponsored a suite there. Our boss, a fellow golf enthusiast, thought we’d enjoy taking the day to represent our company, together — sweet!

The day was perfect for walking the course and following a couple of players as they practiced teeing off, getting out of the (deep!!) bunkers, and chipping onto the green. At one point, the guy we were following was in a bunker so deep that after each shot, he had to hop up and down just to see where it landed — perfectly each time, might I add.

After sneaking a peek at the actual match on TV, the practice rounds themselves were, in my opinion, the event to be at… Way smaller crowds made it easy to move around and grab a seat on the grass overlooking the various greens. Minimal lines for the bar and concessions (not that we had to stand in them since our suite access included complimentary drinks and food!) along with parking at Candlestick to get bussed over to the Olympic Club 25 minutes away was a breeze. Kudos to the event organizers for the efficiency we experienced! The suite itself we had access to was pretty sweet. Located down by the 16th, 17th, and 18th holes, it has AC, complimentary food, drinks, and exclusive access to these high-end, luxurious washrooms! Seriously, I’ve never seen such nice porta-potties! Heh. I think it made the passes their weight in gold, right there. All in all, it was a fantastic experience!

As a souvenir, Shaun got me a(n overpriced) commemorative hat that was the envy of the guys at the driving range the next day😀

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