Remembering and Looking Forward

Hi there! First and foremost, today is Memorial Day. For many, the extra day off is just an excuse to head out of town for a quick getaway with family and friends. But let’s also take a moment before the weekend closes to reflect on what the day truly stands for…. To honor those who have lost their lives in service protecting our country and our freedom. When I came across the following image today, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s incredibly moving and captures what is oft forgotten… that our freedom comes at the ultimate cost.


So thank you to our service men and women and their families whose sacrifices are extraordinary and to the fallen who have made the highest sacrifice there is.

* * *

That being said, Shaun and I did hit the road this weekend….. On Saturday, we continued the Memorial Weekend Napa day trip tradition with our friends Alina and Walt. (Remember when we went last year?) A&W have got a new wine club membership at Bouchaine, which was an absolute pleasure to visit. They’ve got a beautiful setup off the beaten path a little more south than the majority of the Napa wineries, so it wasn’t too crowded even with the influx of tourists visiting Wine Country this weekend. They’ve also got superb wine! Proof? The original plan was to head to the town of Napa for some more wine tasting immediately following Bouchaine. Instead, we ended up staying and spending 4+ hours picnicking, enjoying more wine, and each other’s company!

{Alina and I parked ourselves in these chairs for a good 2 hours.🙂 }

I also hopped back on here to rave about and document a few new recipes I created. Yup, that’s right, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen! Trying to make heathier versions of a few favorites. Here’s a sneak peek!

{Zucchini Pasta with Tuna Pomodoro Sauce}

{Smoothie Pops}

{Whole Wheat White Chocolate Chip, Cran-Oatmeal Cookies}

{Freshly pressed watermelon + coconut water libation}

Stay tuned…!

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