Caffeine Buzz

Tuesday’s Workout – 6 mile run outside + 10 minutes weights + 20 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes bike

Thanks to some random guy running on the trail who decided he didn’t like when I passed him and decided to race me during my last mile, my pace got a major boost!

Wednesday I decided to take a rest day, if you don’t count washing the car as physical activity😛

To complete our 2012 mini makeover and save some $ in the long run, our espresso machine arrived yesterday! The Nespresso Pixie…

…And we love it! Now we really never have to leave home with our new couch and espresso machine!😛


  • Compact yet powerful piece of machinery – Does everything the big one at work does, but in half the space!
  • Easy on the eyes – we created a nice space for it to stay out on our counter since Shaun will use it every day. (I’m going to try to stick to using it on weekends-only.)
  • Convenient – no more out-of-the-way Starbucks runs!
  • Earth-friendly (I think?!) – Will save gas/emissions along with plastic and paper cups since we have reusable ones at home. Will have to look into the pods.
  • Quick! Just drop a little pod in the slot, wait 30 seconds for the water to warm, and ta-daa!
  • It arrives with 16 different flavored espresso capsules to try!
  • The drip tray flips up so you can fit a full-sized mug beneath the spout

I’ve been living without some sort of coffee or espresso maker in my life ever since I moved away for college. So that’s… 10 years! My roommates in college had one, but I never used it since I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I’m strictly an espresso girl and only on an as-needed basis. Well, that as-needed basis is about 2 Iced Tall Double Caramel Macchiatos per week at $4.25 each, and Shaun averages a good 4.5 shots per day in the form of a Vente Iced Quad Espresso with an inch of whole milk for $2.75. So when we did the math, we were spending $111-plus at Starbucks each month. Dah! Hoping this helps cut down on the cost a bit, since the little capsules are $0.60 each, and can get 2 short pulls or 1 long from each. The machine itself we got from the Nespresso website for $200 including tax and shipping. Quite a bit up front, but $50 less than regularly priced and hopefully will “pay for itself” in just a few months. My only fear is that someone is going to use this as an opportunity to just consume more caffeine…. And let me just say that that S on the mug in the photos doesn’t stand for ‘Someone’!😛

2 thoughts on “Caffeine Buzz

  1. Emily says:

    FYI: Those aluminum capsules for the machine can be brought back to the place where you purchased them and recycled.

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