Dinner Is Served

My friends Ashley and Stacy are so great! When they couldn’t make my birthday last Saturday, Ashely decided to host a dinner party the following weekend at her and Andy’s pad. Pretty sweet table setting, eh?

I spent much of the evening being charmed by Baby Jack, Ashley and Andy’s incredibly cute son. The expressions that kid has…. I could just eat him up!!

Speaking of eating… We feasted! Shaun and I contributed a few rounds of cocktails as well as eggrolls from House of Eggroll. Stacy brought wine and bacon wrapped steak and scallops. Ashley went all out and made tiny tarts of brie, fruit, and phyllo pastry shells; green beans; a fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette; mashed potatoes; and brandied apple pork tenderloin. And the dessert! It was atomic and amazing! …Brownies, fruit, creme fraiche, and a potent liquor that was just what we needed after drinking vodka cocktails and wine all night😛

We also had a few Dance Central dance-offs! And by ‘we’ I mean they while I cheered them on. For however athletic I may be, I am pretty hopeless at anything involving quick eye-hand coordination when following someone else’s lead which is why I haven’t jumped on the Zumba bandwagon or participate in any group fitness classes even though they are included in my gym membership. You might say I march to the beat of my own drum. Heh🙂 Plus with golf, tennis, running, and yoga, I figure I’ve got enough activities to keep me movin’! Besides, I can’t be good at everything. (Haha I can’t even write that and keep a straight face!!)


Thanks so much for the fun evening!!

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