Challenge Accepted

Awhile back I mentioned that we took the plunge and bought a new couch. What I failed to disclose is that a week later we cancelled that order after a trip to Crate & Barrel where we sat and fell in love with this one.

Check out how deep those seats are — 46″!! SO COMFY!! Can’t wait for it to arrive next week!

In the meantime, we have been trying to decide how to tackle additional seating since there is no longer space for a love seat, too. I’m thinking these, but not for $249 apiece.


Then I came across this one as seen in the photo below, homemade by one of my favorite bloggers over at Young House Love for $5.07 worth of material.

$5.07!  And you can customize it with any fabric and size you want! If only I knew how to sew… I think 28 is a good year to learn, tho, don’t you think? I’m also imagining of all the other crafty things I could make once I know how to sew… Like accent pillows and  curtains! I know, I’m such a DIY nerd.

In the words of HIMYM’s Barney, “Challenge accepted!”

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