What Would Michelle Wei Wear?

Saturday’s Workout – Whacking a jumbo size bucket of balls at the driving range, golfing 9 holes, 20 minutes treadmill walking, 45 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes bike

I’ve never been one to get dolled up for working out or even golfing. No or limited makeup is my usual m.o. (as evidenced here), but this morning as I was getting ready to hit the driving range and 9 hole course at Pruneridge, I asked myself, ‘What would Michelle Wei wear?”😛 I decided on my tennis skirt and new golf shoes in addition to my usual golf tee.

Oh, and I finally put on makeup which I’ve been lazy about in recent photos.

And heyyy, did you notice? No more grease face!! I switched up my moisturizer to the one designed for combination/oily skin and it’s been working like a charm!

{New one’s pink and on the left. Old one’s on the right in green.}

After a little of this action at the driving range

We played 9 holes with Sarah. Got 2 pars and several bogies… Not too shabby after a good month’s hiatus from swinging a golf club!

Also determined that my new golf shoes were an awesome find at Sports Authority on sale for $40. Glad I had them since the course was slippery with dew!

Immediately following, Shaun and I headed a few blocks down Saratoga Ave to San Jose Eats Moveable Feast... To be posted shortly!

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