Sam’s Chowder House FTW

OH.EM.GEE. Just this past weekend I had some of THE BEST seafood I’ve had in quite some time thanks to Sam’s Chowder House! We completely demolished their chowder and lobster rolls a la their Chowdermobile at Oakland’s Eat Real Food Festival last summer, so in lieu of presents for Valentine’s Day we decided to treat each other to dinner at Sam’s waterfront restaurant.

Late Saturday afternoon, Shrek and I hopped in the car and sped up to Half Moon Bay, about a 45 minute drive via 280. Originally we were going to cruise the scenic route via Highway 1 along the ocean we didn’t have enough time. While Shrek was golfing I met up with a girlfriend to do a little shopping and ran over our allotted time. Oops! It was still a pleasant drive.

Upon arriving I knew we’d stumbled upon something great. The sizable parking lot was packed and people were mingling outside waiting for a table.

Oh, and I also saw this sign:

I had no idea! Good thing we called ahead earlier in the week and made reservations for a waterfront table for two. Wow, did they deliver on our table or what?

It was the perfect place to perch and catch the sunset.

Our view from our table.

By the way, the wait was over an hour without reservations so if you go I highly, highly recommend calling in advance. And asking for a waterfront table.

In addition to their wonderfully warm, inviting interior that includes a live band who busted out with an acoustic version of Super Mario Brothers…

They’ve also got a really awesome and equally inviting outdoor area:

Anywhere you sit, their food is PHENOMENAL! When I placed my order, “One bowl of New England Clam Chowder, one plate of field greens, and a lobster roll,” my server tried to talk me into a CUP of chowder instead. Heh😛 I knew Shrek would want some, though, so we stuck with my original order. Plus he got a half dozen oysters and seafood risotto.

I’ve gotta say, everything from the sides to the main dishes were EXCELLENT and just how I like them. The coleslaw is fresh, crispy, sweet and tangy. The salad is a light, perfect complement to the rich lobster roll that was practically the size of my face. Bonus? Huge chunks of hot lobster without any mayo or fillers. The roll is lightly toasted and buttery. The chowder has an abundance of clams and root vegetables in a delightfully delicious not-too-thick creamy chowder. The fries are crispy and addicting. Shrek’s seafood risotto was AMAZING. I couldn’t get enough of it until it was too late and I was too full for dessert. Guess we’ll just have to go back! Although, not too soon… We totally spent a week’s worth of groceries on that one meal. But it was sooo worth it. Especially when you consider that we did this is lieu of gifts.

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One thought on “Sam’s Chowder House FTW

  1. trish says:

    Wow! Sounds amazing……I still can’t see how you can eat that much……….What a kid!

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