Hard to believe I was able to eat ANYTHING after my Eat Real Food Festival feeding frenzy, but Saturday night I rallied. I shook off my impending food coma and slipped into something a little less comfortable (at that point all of my pants fell into this category) to ‘Greek out’ with a few of my tennis girlfriends for dinner and drinks on Santana Row.

The evening started at Vintage Wine Merchants for a little champagne and wine tasting before our 7:30 pm dinner reservation at Thea Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge.

G, S, me, and K at Vintage Wine Merchants

On me: top by Club Monaco, black denim by Paige Premium Jeans, pearl earrings by Mikimoto, necklace by Flying Lizard

‘Bubble Me Up’ sparkling wine flight at Vintage. $22. Everyone agreed that the sparkling wine from France was the piece de resistance.

At Thea we dined family-style on several samplers:

Left: Dolmades, $10. Right: Hummus, Tzatziki, Htipiti, and Melitzanosalata Sampler, $16. I personally don’t care for Dolmades (never have, never will), but I sure did like the tzatziki! (Always have, always will.)

Spanakopita, Arancini, Dolmades, Falafel, Greek Fries and Dates Tapas Sampler, $25. The dates (wrapped in bacon!!) and falafel were my faves.

Lamb Mixed Grill Sampler: lamb lolipops, lamb t bone, house made lamb sausage, broccoli and lemon potatoes, $25. So excellent. Some of the best lamb I’ve had in a long time.

The outside dining area is decked out with chaise lounges and low tables.

Having just one chaise per table creates a bit of an awkward seating arrangement when you have a party greater than 2, but the ambience makes up for it. I prefer sitting outside; the inside is rather noisy. And you can Hookah outside, which was extremely popular. I highly, highly recommend the Double Apple. (Must be the Washingtonian in me!)

Baklava! …flaky layers of phyllo with mixed nuts and honey, $7.

Finally, to top off our Greek-themed evening and my gluttonous day, we skipped Kara’s Cupcakes and ordered Baklava. Opa!


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  1. […] told Shrek and my friends that I’d come here over Vintage Wine Merchants on Santana Row which is saying A LOT since it’s about 6 times as far from my home. And […]

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