Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

Carbs just make the world a better place, ya know?

I’d been inadvertently eating a low-carb diet all week. By this I mean I was still eating my Cheetos, Ben & Jerry’s, sandwiches with bread et. all, but when a body’s used to consuming pastas, bagels, waffles, and cookies on a daily basis and suddenly it’s not, it’s gonna notice something’s up. At least mine did when Shrek decided to start doing up eggs and steak for breakfast and stop serving carbs with dinner.

Wednesday I started feeling not so great but muscled through. Dropping 3 pounds in 4 days certainly helped. Then Thursday evening rolled around and I was DONE. Clammy, cranky, weak, sore, and shaky I called it a night at 7 pm – after scarfing down a carb-laden dinner . Ziiiiiing! That did the trick. This morning I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off for my 6 am run. Today while driving to work the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I swear I was high on the carbs.

Tonight Shrek and I are headed to SF for a little dinner and drink. If I happen to bump into you and act like I don’t know you it’s because I’ll be rolling with Shrek and his guild.

As in World of Warcraft-guild.

Yes, I am just that awesome of a girlfriend.

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2 thoughts on “Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

  1. timithie says:

    hey, at least you KNOW your guild! nick plays with people we don’t know, so it’s that much harder to take the whole thing seriously…

    • Ha! I love it – I never would’ve taken Nick to be a WoWer. How funny if he and Shrek are actually in the same guild. (Although very unlikely since I understand there are thousands of guilds, but I am going to ask S all the same.) Shrek knows quite a few from his hs days, but we met a few for the first time in person last night. They’re cool cats! And definitely know how to have fun in SF. I know I’m paying for it this morning by nursing a little hangover :X

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