Pizza Antica FTW

That’s Pizza Antica For The Win.

Out of all the eateries on Santana Row, I can say with confidence that Pizza Antica is my favorite. I don’t eat there too often because it is rather expensive, but the flavors are top notch as is the quality of their food and service. Our server last night, Lloyd, provided an impeccable dining experience despite the unnecessary crowding towards the end. He was familiar with each dish we asked about, provided recommendations, and kept the wine and water flowing.

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend nabbing a table outside on the sidewalk for people watching (yes, even as November draws to a close I dined outside last night!) and ordering the following. You won’t be disappointed!
Young field greens with roasted pine nuts on a piadini. $8.75
Tossed in light, flavorful olive oil with roasted pine nuts and served on an oven toasted piadini brushed with fresh garlicky herbs. Half portion pictured.
Cup of Butternut Squash Soup. $5.95
I personally did not care for this, but Shrek certainly liked it!
Handmade Potato Ricotta Gnocchi. $13.95
Served in a pesto and sun-dried tomato cream sauce. Fantastic, as always! Love that they pan-sear the gnocchi.
Pizza Antica #4: Spicy fennel sausage, portobello mushroom, roasted onion and garlic. $17 for a large.
SO YUM. I ate three slices for breakfast this morning.

If you’re keeping tabs, that’s $45.65. Not bad, but then we also had a carafe of the Vigonier ($27) and a cappuccino ($3.25) bringing our grand total to a whopping $95 with a 20% tip. Eep! That’s enough for food for a week! But, the experience and memory last a lifetime, right?

5 thoughts on “Pizza Antica FTW

  1. Anonymous says:

    I told you that you'd love it!!! We have to go again before we leave… this time, we'll sit together🙂 – pauline

  2. MindyKnows says:

    Definitely! We still need to get you and Fred to Village Cafe, too. Maybe a progressive?😀

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  4. […] spent the remainder of the evening sitting around sipping 18 and 12 year whiskey and ordering Pizza Antica to go. I had to call it a night around 1030, though, seeing that I was turning into an rich old […]

  5. […] personally don’t care for. Honestly, for the price we paid, I would’ve rather eaten at Pizza Antica on Santana Row and eaten my favorite pizza and gnocchi. The service here, however, can’t be […]

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